10 Packs of Sandeels


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10 Packs of Sandeels

small to medium size

Sandeels live amongst sand and shingle and actually bury themselves in the sand itself. They can vary from small in size all the way up to extra large and Launce eels.

Sandeels are used pretty much all year around for a massive amount species. During the summer and autumn months sandeels are a very good bait for targeting bass, the Uk shore record from Portsmouth was caught on sandeel !

Sandeels are also a very good bait for thornback rays, undulate rays and especially small eyed and spotted rays.. Sandeel can be used on its own or as a combination bait, for example bluey and sandeel wraps are very effective for thornback rays and undulate rays, along with many different combinations such as squid and sandeel, sandeel and prawn, sandeel and crab etc..

In winter months sandeels are used a lot for the whiting, sandeel often picks out the bigger whiting as well for some reason. Also Launce eels and large sandeels are very effective for blonde rays, more commonly caught from the boat but recently more and more monsters are appearing of the beach!

The rigs we recommend for attaching sandeels or sandeel wraps to are, Pulley rigs, pulley dropper rigs and up and over pulley rigs. These rigs are all effective for the 4 most common ray species across the south coast. For each of the ray species different methods will be required depending on tide and venue but as a general a 2/0- 4/0 hook , and for bait presentation purposes a pennel hook can be used such as a 2/0 and a 3/0 main hook. For whiting in the winter a standard 2 hook flapper or 3 hook flapper size 2 or 1 with sandeel baits are very effective.

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