Baitbox Herring Whole


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Baitbox Herring Whole

Baitbox Herring Whole , 2 or 3 fish depending on size vaccuum packed blast frozen within minutes of being caught from the boats very fresh bait .are an incredible and versatile bait to use for many fish from the Whiting all the way up to the awesome Halibut. We have them caught and iced at sea to keep in their freshness. We then vacuum pack and blast freeze them to retain their incredible fish attracting oils. Herring are a natural food source for all predatory fish and they produce a strong, oily scent trail in the water that fish find irresistible.

Herring can be used in several ways. For smaller fish it is best used in strips and a great way I like and works exceptionally well is to fillet 3 herring, cut the fillets into 1 cm wide strips, put them in a plastic container and smother in salt. This preserves the bait which then can be used over a number of days. This method is an absolute killer when everyone else on the beach is not catching. Try this method for bream. For the larger fish use fillets and whole herring.

How to rig up a Herring bait for shore fishing for rays
cut the fillet in half longways , so you have a 6 inch by 3/4 inch piece,
thread onto a pulley pennel rig, and elasticate the bait into a sausage shape so that it is aerodynamic
insert the pennel hook around 1/2 inch from the top of the bait and apply more elasticated cotton if necessary.

What fish will Herring catch ? 

Herring is a very underused bait,Yet a incredibly good bait for catching fish from the Mighty Halibut to Cod ,bass ,Bream in fact most fish will find its oily flesh irresistable

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