live peeler crab qty 50


Live Peeler Crab Qty 50

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frozen peeler crab

frozen peeler crab

Live Peeler Crab Qty 50

Live Peeler Crab, have a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest sea angling baits. The most sought after fish in British waters such as bass, large Cod and Rays, Flounders, Plaice and of course the Smoothound and Bull Huss can all be tempted with peeler crab, while other species such as Coalfish, Thornback Rays, Eels and Plaice can all be caught on peeler crab when other baits pull a blank. The scent trail that peeler crab emits, attracts fish from a wide area, with even small amounts of peeler crab, such as legs or claws added to a worm bait, being enough to give anglers using this bait the edge over others. Unsurprisingly, peeler crab is a favoured by match and competition anglers. However, the effectiveness of peeler crab means that it can demand can often outstrip supply and tackle shops run out of peeler crab. Peeler crabs can be collected from shorelines across the UK, but takes a little knowledge and patience.crabs mainly peel during summer months with the first big moults coming during april/may time. When a peeler is ready the shell starts to lift this is when all the chemicals and aromas are emitted which makes them a killer bait .

Live Peeler Crab Qty 50, Cut in half or used whole a great all round bait seems better used Live Peeler Crab but only as the juices take longer to come out, frozen crab works extremely well too. Storing crabs is easy live crab keep them damp with seaweed and in the fridge but remember to keep checking them as they peel very quickly. Frozen crab either completely peel it and cling film or vacuum pack them or, freeze them whole in there shells make sure the bag is sealed or they dry out freezer burn etc. When the peeler has peeled his shell they become a softback crab ,which are also a very good bait



The best rigs to use are either Pulley rigs, Pulley pennels or Pulley droppers ,Or up and Over RigsĀ  for the bigger fish ie Smoothounds cod etc. The smaller fish plaice flatties etc a clipped or flapper rig can be used all available on the rigs category.

Collecting Peeler Crabs is far from a easy task they hide when they are peeling under rocks in groins buried in the sand,buried deep in the soft mud under kelp etc but collecting crabs like fishing is trial and error tides winds etc and temperatures play a huge part in how many you find.

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