Luminous Pyramid Leads Longtail


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Luminous Pyramid Leads Longtail 

Luminous Pyramid Leads Longtail

Continental style ,luminous Pyramid Star Fishing Weights / Leads  Glow in dark long-tail leads 

( available in 100,120,140,160 gm)

You will receive a mixed colour  pack  of 5 Longtail Leads Luminous Glow Continental Pyramid Star Leads Short Tail  Available colours :Luminous Glow WhiteLuminous Glow Yellow

Luminous Glow Green
Luminous Glow Red / Pink
Luminous Glow Blue

You will receive a mixed pack
For best results charge up with bright light before casting and will last for some period of time too
Ideal if boat fishing and also shore fishing at night

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100 gm, 120 gm, 140 gm, 160 gm

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