Solent Baits Foreign Frozen Peeler Crab


Vietnamese peeler crabs

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Solent Baits Foreign Frozen Peeler Crab

  • Product DescriptionWhat are  Foreign Frozen Peeler Crab’?These Solent Baits Foreign Frozen Peeler Crab s are a new Bait to the shores of the UK but they are proving well in recent months.They are Vietnamese blue swimming Softshell Crab or we call them Foreign Peeler  They are a softer crab than traditional peeler but they are very juicy and hold a load of scent in the body of the crab. An ideal replacement for when ordinary peelers are not available. A superb bait! perfect size 4 in pack
  • How many Foreign Frozen Peeler Crab are in a pack?

    Vacuum packed in 3s or 4s depending on their size.

    What fish are attracted to Foreign Peeler Crab?

    A good all round bait for Bass, Cod and Rays. Why not try these new peeler crabs from your local beach, they have a similar shape to UK shore crab but are nice and easy to put on a hook and get a decent size bait out in the water

  • What rigs to use ?
  • The best rigs are Pulley rigs either normal Pulleys or Droppers are best you can use Pulley Pennels too ,Iuse 3/0 Sakuma Manta extra hooks or similar Cox and Rawle do a good range too as does  Mustad
  • Any questions?

    If you have any more questions about this bait or how to use it please do give us a call on 02392 718978 or by filling in our contact form and we will get right back to you.

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